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T.D. Jakes Books contain some of the most powerful and insightful learning’s you will get from a modern day, man of God.

An accomplished author, preacher and teacher, T.D. Jakes is a respected pastor who has led many people to knowing more about Christ. His books are filled with great teachings that helps Christians understand their faith and live a blessing filled life.

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Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven

Bestselling author, T.D. Jakes, explores forgiveness as an idea and at the same time offers specific and clear actions for those who seek to apply the idea in their daily lives. Offenses are a part of life, but conflicts can be resolved and relationships do have a future, if we learn how to forgive. No matter how great or small the injustice, Jakes shows how the matter can be put behind you for the sake of a better tomorrow if you canĀ Let It Go.

Publishers Description

T.D. JAKES, “New York Times “bestselling author and pastor to millions worldwide, challenges us to release ourselves and others from the crippling grudges and binding resentments that hold us back when we do not forgive others. “Forgiveness is a big idea and works best when invested into people who have the courage to grasp the seven-foot idea of what’s best for their future rather than the four-foot-high idea of recompense for what has happened in the past,” Jakes writes.

Inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, “Let It Go “explores forgiveness as a life practice and offers specific and clear actions for readers who seek to apply it in every area of their lives–their marriages, their families, their friendships, and their business relationships. “Offenses are a part of life,” says Jakes, “but conflicts can be resolved and relationships restored when we stop paying the past with the resources of our future.”

With his inimitable spiritual teaching and street-smart understanding of human nature, Jakes inspires us to embrace our destiny instead of obsessing about our history. No matter how great or small the injustice, Jakes shows us how the hurt can be hurdled, so that we might live in the joyful freedom waiting to be discovered when we “Let It Go”