Defeating Dark Angels [Paperback]

By Kraft Charles (Author)
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Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life
Dr. Charles Kraft explains how demons operate, how to resist their influence, and how to cast them out in Jesus' name. This book provides the practical and spiritual help Christians need, both to defeat dark angels in their own lives and to minister God's freedom and healing to others. Kraft uses the experience of his ministry to teach the reader ways to overcome the works of Satan.

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Reviews - What do our customers think?

More than just Deliverence  Mar 10, 2007
This book goes into reasons and healing and a step by step process. The best and most informative I have ever read. I want to run out and read Kraft's other books
Is there a God in this book?  Nov 22, 2006
I am a Roman Catholic which may lead you to believe I am dogmatic. I have come from an open mind to be more and more convinced that the Roman Catholic Church is right on, so I guess I am dogmatic now. I have followed the evangelical movement for years and I have found that they continue to look for ways to entice people into service through "magical powers" and "feel good" methods with little substanse to explain their approach besides saying they have seen it work, at least in the short term.

From usurping the powers of the Holy Spirit to claiming everything for themselves in the name of Jesus, this book is another example of faith gone loopie.

This book does nothing to explain the whys of simply states that there are lots of demons and expelling them from a person leaves a lot of "garbage" to deal with to fully prevent their return. Maybe the garbage is the real problem and the demons only serve to give these "therapists" personal validity and lead people in need of an anchor (helpful) to believe this demon evangelical dogma (brain washing).

The Q&A section should be be changed to Q&NA. The author admits many of the questions HE RAISES have no answers he can find.

There is also scriptural misinterpretation like where the author claims it took Jesus two times to remove a demon of blindness. Jesus did take a slower approach, but this was not because of any lacking of Jesus. It was an example of how many including the apostles were slowly learning to see the truth.

As for the methods of expelling demons? Well simply put, just jump right in and start making demands in the name of Jesus. The author's favorite place for putting demons? In a box at the feet of Jesus. How creative. Jesus then often steps on the box. The true spiritual warfare that takes place in this world is reduced to childish metaphors thereby masking the true nature and danger of the spiritual forces that exist.

I was mostly concerned with the number of examples concerning people with multiple personalities. These people suffer from a debilatating condition based on self-created fractured and false personalities to survive. Is it any surprise that they could quickly conjure a demon like personlity when inspired by someone wanting to confront demons?

The examples are short and uninteresting with generic descriptions and no detailed follow up. The methods are not well defined, and the logic of demons is simply based on guess work.

The book itself did nothing to hold my attention and seemed to be self serving and desperate to convince me that I should help to remove demons with little or no satisfaction that this may result in any real improvements for myself or others. The evangelical movement again wants warm, dumb bodies to fill their army. Leave this book on the shelf.
One of the best books available on this subject  Jan 6, 2006
If you'll refer to my other reviews, you'll note that I've read a number of other popular works on this subject . . . most of which have been substandard (at best). This is the best I've seen so far.

What I liked most about Mr Kraft's book is his sincerity, practicality, humble nature, and the fact that he is significantly more openminded than his peers. Furthermore, this book was obviously the result of many years' experience, and the information was presented well and pleasant to read. For the most part, it was a very good book.

What I did not like was his opinion (which seem to be shared by all fundamentalists) that practically everything which has origins in a non-European culture is demonic. Such things include, but are by no means limited to: yoga, martial arts, accupuncture, meditation, and probably even incense! Furthermore, all other religions (including those nefarious Unitarians!) seem to be demonic as well.

As all other authors I've read seem to agree, Kraft is of the opinion that most (but thankfully not all) character flaws are the result of demonic influence. However, he does state that many self-proclaimed "exorcists" oft see demons where there are none (such as in cases of emotional instability or mental illness).

Please note that this is NOT a book about exorcism! It is about the concept of "deliverance", which is a far less intensive procedure, similar in many ways to hypnotic suggestion (which most fundamentalists agree is of the "demonic New-Age black arts").

I would like to repeat that, despite the 3-star review, this is the BEST book I've seen on the topic so far. Mr Kraft makes no extraordinary claims, makes so false guarantees, and freely professes that there is much about the subject that he does not know. This was a refreshing change from the arrogance and paranoia seen elsewhere.

Mr Kraft is an honest and kindhearted man who has studied these matters all his life and speaks with great eloquence -- even though he is mistaken in a number of his opinions. If you are looking for a working text on Christian deliverance from negative influences (real or imagined), this is the book you want. Some of the other books out there are true abominations which will poison your mind with paranoia and hatred, doing far more harm than good.
A must for in-depth fighting of dark powers  Aug 5, 2005
This book re-iterates some of the points from Dr. Kraft's other book Deep Wounds Deep Healing, however it does go through in detail about the categories of demons, their powers and how to detect and fight different levels of demons. It is very helpful to anyone involved in this type of ministry.
A very real danger...  Jan 4, 2005
An interesting book no doubt, and much work. On it's topic - exorcism, it is clear that there are a growing number of self-appointed exorcists out there, forming a mini-industry by sleight of hand, motivated for forms of egotism, money or insecurity. Ponder well - why would the RC Church without exception, insist that a Bishop's authority is requisite before an exorcism, if it were not absolutely necessary. The authority of Jesus is needed to perform an exorcism. Only an authorised, ordained Priest can deliver the sacrament of exorcism.

An even slight knowledge of exorcism reveals that the very power that expels the evil spirit(s) is derived from the legitimacy of the authorised Priest. That same power also coerces the spirits to reveal information, and there is a common theme in that information - that the power of the church, exercised by its authorised servants, is paramount. Any detraction from this will have predictable results. An example of such detraction is well illustrated by the interrogation of the demonic spirits in the Switzerland exorcism (Warning from Hell), which revealed that the new Mass (post 1962) has far less power than the older mass (Tridentine, pre-1962), and that the deliberate and subtle watering-down of liturgy and ritual is an objective of delight for satanic powers or intelligent evil.

If an unlicensed person set themselves up and described themselves as a Psychiatrist or a Surgeon, would you go to them for treatment or an operation ?

Would you trust self-appointed exorcists or healers to baptise you, to marry you, to deliver the last rites ? With exorcism, they take advantage of the stress of the situation, and the contemporary weaknesses in some parts or locales of the Church (some dioceses have no exorcist and some clerics even do even not believe in evil - the church is well documented as having been attacked `from within', not least by the former Soviet intelligence, which covertly inserted candidates into Priests' seminaries, and also theologians to alter and corrupt theological teachings).

One wonders if these self-appointed exorcists will next expand to personally promise salvation ? Are they attempting to privatise religion, or simply to erode and destroy it ? Beware not of those who attack the Church openly, but those who attack it in a hidden, subtle and insidious way. A primary objective towards innocent souls (not initiates of Satanism or evil) is to convince decent people of the non-existence of Satan, Lucifer, evil or demonic spirits. Does the Devil and evil exist ? An examination of the events in pre-war Nanking (China) should be enough to convince even the most die-hard, embittered sceptics or so called exponents and `protectors' of liberal thought who oddly object on principle, to anything not visible before their eyes. No need to feel foolish in making a precedent of `belief without physical evidence before your eyes' - we accept media news at face value every day, and no-one has ever seen an atom, even under the most powerful microscope - but we have nuclear power nevertheless.

Not all authorised exorcisms by the Church always work, for various reasons. What is certain however, is that a lot of psychological damage, some permanent, can be done by those who are not authorised ordained priests - and has been done to people being 'exorcised' by these self-appointed so called 'exorcists'. There should be laws against this, like there are for `miracle cures' sold from used bottles out of the back of a wagon. These people have the capacity to indefinitely wreck multiple lives, and beyond a brief lawyer-limited platitude or word of regret as they make a very rapid exit from your life, will be hard to find when things have gone terribly wrong. Do not think of recourse or compensation from such people, let alone continued effort once they have failed - all you will receive is simply a vague, embarrassed or glib word, before they depart.

Do not be taken in by the various works on the market by authors who project academic or self-awarded titles in order to elicit credibility or respect, such as `Prophet' or `Dr.' In fact, interesting reading in this regard is one of the cases in Martin's `hostage to the devil') - the `possessed' professor - in the final analysis, it was a case of possession indirectly invited by a credulity based in academic egotism.

For those who seriously wish to pursue this topic, read 'Hostage to the Devil' (Martin) and the books and writings by ordained and authorised Priests like Amorth, Candido and Heron (all available from this site) for proper, authentic accounts of Exorcism, and 'Warning from Hell' (by a number of other authorised clerics in Switzerland).

If their works are believed (and they are extremely convincing collectively), it is clear that a prospect very attractive to satanic forces or intelligent evil, would be exorcisms carried out by non-trained, non-authorised, non-ordained amateurs purporting to be exorcists - the effectiveness of non authorised exorcisms is well attested to in the afore-mentioned books. They are very dangerous.

Scott Peck's book on his activities in exorcism as a Psychiatrist working with the Church and its exorcists is a good accompaniment to the above books.

To stretch the meaning of Mark 16:17,(18) to accommodate a strange variety of self-appointed people who seek to perform exorcisms for personal motives, but decline to be bound by any form of oversight or professional standards, and refuse to enter the priesthood to be ordained first, then authorised - the accepted and normal route (where they are properly screened, trained and authorised on a case by case basis), is wishful thinking and only benefits these non-authentic `exorcists', and... intelligent evil.

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