Communion Supplies

Communion Supplies are an essential part of church. Order these meaningful items right here at our store page. We offers a great variety of Communion supplies. We have juice sets, Communion wafers, Communion trays, Communion chalices to Bread Plates and more. Everything you need to celebrate your church Communion can be found right here

Communion Cups – Plastic – Glass – Silver

These wonderful Communion Cups (Plastic – Glass – Silver) are definitely essential items when it comes to celebrating your traditional church Communion.

Choose from a great variety of Communion cups from our Communion supply store. We have cups made out of glass, plastic or silver. There are also portable ones as well as disposable items for your convenience. Each one is carefully crafted with the thought that they will serve as an important item in the church service. We offer these communion supplies at very affordable prices so why not grab them for your church today?

Communion Wafers

If your church needs a steady supply of these special Communion wafers, then check out our store page and order. We offer these special wafers in very affordable prices.

We also have other Communion supply items like our Communion wafer and juice sets as well as Communion Host Dispensers.

All of our items are available at discounted prices and will be ideal for all of your church needs.

Communion Sets for Wafers and Juice

These Communion Sets for Wafers and Juice is a great set to have for your church or if your ministers need to hold a Communion outside of church.

We offer portable and disposable sets like the Communion Supplies-Celebration Wafer and Juice Set which can serve 3 people. There are also boxes that have the capability to serve more than 100 people. These Communion sets are truly functional and convenient.

 Pastors Communion Chalice

These Pastors Communion Chalice is an essential component to celebrating your Church Communion.

These chalices are made from top quality brass or stainless steel and topped with beautiful silver trimmings. They are perfect for holding 8 oz. of wine or juice for the Communion service.

Communions are important since they embody and signify partaking of the body and blood of Christ. Present this chalice to a pastor or priest or maybe let it serve as a donation to your church. It will truly become a blessing. Order yours today.

Communion Plates and Communion Sets

No Church service is complete without these helpful Communion Plates and Communion Sets. Crafted from top quality materials, our store offers these wonderful Communion items at a really affordable price. We carry items like the Polished -Communion Bread Plate or the Bread Plate Napkin.

All of these items play a special and crucial role when it comes to the Communion service. Why not present any of these important items to your pastor or maybe present it as a gift to your church. It will definitely be a great blessing. Moreover, every time you purchase these sets, you automatically receive 10% off the normal retail price.

Communion Trays – Inserts – Covers

To keep your Communion glasses in place, you need to have these essential Communion Trays – Inserts – Covers at all times. Choose from trays made from aluminum or brass.

Highly polished and beautiful, these sets exude elegance and style. There are also ones made from stainless steel ensuring that they will not easily tarnish or rust.