Christian Jewelry

Enter a world that is all shimmer and shine. Browse through our Jewelry section and lose yourself in the varied selection of rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, pendants and much more. Crafted with care and reverence, these gems will capture your heart like no other. A gorgeous combination of Christian spirituality, stunning craftsmanship and trendy designs make our jewelry a favorite among believers. From daughters and sisters to mothers and mothers-in-law, you’ll find something for everyone. If you are looking for a treasure for your son or dad, you are sure to find it here.

Choose from a range of amazing brands like Cross Fish, Psalm 23 Jewelry, Bob Siemon, Deborah Birdoes and Barbara Garwood. Quality, style and spirituality – you won’t find anything like this!

Who can resist a pair of sparkling earrings? Very few ,and hopefully you are not one of them! Our exclusive Christian Earrings collection will cater to your every desire to buy the perfect twosome for your ears.

You will find an astonishingly diverse range of stylishly designed earrings in a variety of material. Choose from the elegant ones in filigree or pick a quirky guitar pick design. All of these dazzling danglers will help you wear your faith with conviction. Startlingly affordable, you will find it hard to stop at just one pair!

Spellbound – that’s how you’ll be when you browse through this stunning range of Christian Necklaces for Women & Men! No matter what your taste, you are sure to find something in this treasure trove.

Watch out for a mindboggling array of necklaces in stainless steel, pewter, sterling silver and gold. There’s something for everyone – right from basketball pros to little princesses and our popular Cross Necklaces. Each design has been crafted with care so that you wear your belief with pride.

Christian Pendants

A beautiful message carved on a heart and carried close to the heart – this is the splendor of the pendant! Our extensive range of Christian Pendants showcases a selection of pendants in different designs and materials. Choose from a gorgeous lineup of Jade pendants in dazzling shades, Cross pendants in 14k gold or sterling silver and delicate hearts carved with messages in silver. Affordable and stylish, you can team them up with chains from our Christian Chain collection for a fashionable ensemble.

Christian Cross Pendants

Relive your passion for Christ everyday with these stunning Christian Cross Pendants. Crafted to perfection, these tiny pendants will serve as reminders of the divinity and sanctity of the Lord. Available in a varied display of jewel tones, you can take your pick from Jade crosses, hearts inscribed with the cross and gold crosses. Delicately designed, these creations from Deeper Living are masterpieces in their own right.

Christian Watches

Christian watches for men and for women can serve as the perfect present to the most important people in your life. In a day and age when watches are often considered a “vintage” item, presenting someone with a watch can make them feel special.

Our store carries a great selection of Christian inspired watches that are not just ideal for telling time, but also in serving as a reminder of your Christian faith. With these Christian inspired designs, each believer will get a chance to keep in touch and be reminded of their everyday walk with the Lord.