Baptism Certificates

Our Baptism Certificates are a wonderful way to recognize a Baptism, and to create a treasured keepsake memento of this, one of the most important occasions in a believers life!

Whatever type of Church certificate you need, we have it right here. We offer various Church Certificate including Baptism, Appreciation, Attendance, Marriage, Ordination and More. Simply choose which ones you need and place your order. It’s that simple. These certificates will help you with all of your church needs. Regardless of the event, whether it’s a Baptism or a Wedding, we have it right here. Presenting a certificate to your congregation or members will help to make any particular church event official. It will also inspire and bless the recipient knowing that they are fully acknowledged.

Witnesses Give this certificate to the parents as a remembrance for the baptized child and a beautiful keepsake of the special baptism day. Order “My Baptism Book” to record photos and observations of the special Baptism day. See this, and other useful resources in the Related Product Section below. Check out our complete on-line selection of Child Baptism Certificates, and other Baptism Resources. Did you know. . . Baptism Certificates are tangible recognition from the church of significant milestones in each child’s spiritual journey and of their commitment to Christian living. Presentation of certificates helps the church build relationships with children in the congregation. At the same time, certificates help children remember and respond to their covenant relationship with God, church, and neighbor. Cross and Flame symbol relates The United Methodist church to God through Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame). The flame is a reminder of Pentecost when witnesses were unified by the power of the Holy Spirit and saw “tongues, as of fire” (Acts 2:3).